Quick and dirty configuration notes to run wincvs with openssh and authentication

First, read the manual, instructions, releases notes, web pages, addenda of your software. Make sure you've not forgotten to read anything on the web. If you find that you can't configure wincvs to work correctly with openssh, then follow the next steps.
I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your configuration, you know what you do, and all these kind of warnings (but if you're reading this, this is probably because you are desperate ;-).
I've put these instructions here because it took me a lot of time to correctly configure wincvs to run with openssh and cvsnt, and it seems that it takes a lot of time to a lot of people as well, and we have certainly better things to do than wasting time in configuring the software for hours (unless we're payed to do so ;-).

make sure you've got a version 1.3 of wincvs ( used here)
make sure you've got the last version of openssh server (3.4-2 used here)
I've tried to use the build 57h version of cvs.exe bundled with CVSNT (build 57h) instead of build 57a bundled with wincvs 1.3.8. It did not work, so keep 57a unless you know what you do.
All these programs (servers and clients) are running on a Windows XP Pro SP1 box.

That should work.
If not verify that your openssh configuration contains the following (it may contain other lines not shown) :

   Protocol 1,2
   Port 123
   PasswordAuthentication no
   IgnoreRhosts yes
   IgnoreUserKnownHosts yes
   RhostsAuthentication no
   RhostsRSAAuthentication no
   RSAAuthentication yes
   StrictModes no

comments, that does not work, that works : argabalala@yahoo.fr

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